Having A Chauffeur License

Chauffeur license can immensely elevate the level of your career in driving – sophisticated skills and comfort in finding a job. People think that getting a chauffeur license are designed only for celebrities in this era yet there are chauffeur service companies has come into the picture of providing chauffeur license in a very reasonable […]

Hyundai Gets Classy with Equus Stretch Limo

Hyundai recently revealed its special edition Equus stretch limo – the product of a partnership with French fashion house Hermes. The “Equus by Hermes” features 20 exclusive, handmade items, including an aircraft inspired interior, a folding table and large storage space. Unfortunately, only three limos of its kind have been manufactured, and this limited edition […]

Making the president’s limo

You may have wondered about the way a limo works. Perhaps your curiosity has driven you to research the topic, but have you ever wondered what goes into the making of a presidential limo? Jim Hicks, who helped build President Clinton’s car, talks about what goes into the commander in chief’s ride. Check out the […]

Easter, Children and Party Ideas for the Family

Spring is officially here. Why not celebrate the blooming season with a fun party this weekend? A party bus can make traveling to the party much more fun! If you are in need of some fun Easter party ideas, here are some that are perfect for children and family alike: http://kidsparties.about.com/od/celebratingholidays/a/EasterPartyforKids.htm

Five Cars for Going Green

Green cars have become increasingly popular. From cost-effective reasons to environmental concerns, green cars are becoming a top choice. With Earth day quickly approaching, here are some eco-friendlier cars that can help you spare the environment and your wallet: http://stoneham.patch.com/articles/five-cars-for-going-green